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Silver Maple Maintenance provides janitorial and property maintenance services in the Region of Waterloo including Guelph, Milton and surrounding areas.

Janitorial and Property Maintenance

Since 2006

At Silver Maple Maintenance, our goal is to provide with goods and services to clients that are looking to create positive environmental outcomes, and to integrate sustainability considerations into product selection so that negative impacts on society and the environment are minimized throughout the full life cycle of the products.  

So What Exactly Is Sustainability?

While there are many ways to define sustainability depending on one of its three focus areas, we define it as a personal or partnering aim towards preserving the local environment, economy and social system through quality practices. 

Environmental Sustainability

Through responsible, long-term maintenance of the ecosystem, it's components and functions, you can help protect life and land for future generations. It's easy to be green and with simple changes in both company and personal life, you can have a significant and positive impact on the environment for all.

Recycle what you use
Reduce what you use
Use green products
Work commuting
Revamp your product line
Energy-Saving and Green Energy
Build Green from the start
Offset carbon output

Social Sustainability

Both your customers and employees prefer doing business with a company that supports a good cause. Giving back to the community that supports you can have a far more cost-effective and further business reach from positive brand recognition, than you could ever buy through your advertising dollar.

Donate money and/or time to non-profit
Be creative and start your own initiative

Economical/Organizational Sustainability

You can do more for your employees and company owners by creating a better work-life balance. This ultimately encourages a happier work environment and proves to lean towards higher employee retention.

Conduct traditional meetings in non-traditional settings
Schedule company outings and vacations
Recognize external commitments
Support independent projects and personal development
Improve diversity

Environmental Sustainability: improving one’s environmental footprint.
Social Sustainability: improving the community in which we work and sell our product.
Economic/Organizational Sustainability: At Silver Maple Maintenance we operate our business in a manner that allows us to stay in business over time and creating the perfect work-life balance.